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Books I Like

Books I Like — July 2005

Ever Rising, Jungle Heroes, and Lord, Save My Family

When I met Katie Arnette, I was immediately struck by the atmosphere of happiness and enthusiasm that surrounds her. She’s one of those people who just bubbles over with joy!

But as you’ll learn in Ever Rising, that’s not because she has escaped tragedy and pain in her life. Facing physical abuse and the bitter pain of divorce, she turned to God for comfort. As Katie says, “Each painful incident had a profound impact on my life; but it is not in the pain, but in the rising that I discovered God’s miraculous renewal, summed up this way: Problems teach us lessons. Lessons bring us blessings. Blessings promote our testimonies. Testimonies bring praises to God!” Read it!

Books I Like

Books I Like — April 2005

Joy, Keep On Keeping On, and Conversations with Jesus

CÚleste Walker’s new book, Joy, strikes right at the heart of what it means to live as a Christian. We talk about the joy of heaven, but we often live in the pit of despair.

CÚleste says, “I did all the right things. Said all the right things. Prayed all the right prayers. But I was tired of the endless trying and failing. Because even when your life seems like a success on the outside, it can be the most intimate failure to you personally.” Read it!

Books I Like

Books I Like — February 2005

Journal of a Lonely God, Pursuing the Passion of Jesus, and Family Bible Story—Abraham/Joseph

Journal of a Lonely God paints a beautiful picture of a God who longs for intimacy with each of his children. In Pursuing the Passion of Jesus, Pastor Nelson challenges Christians to act, to reach out, to help.Family Bible Story, written on a fifth-grade level, tells the Bible story and includes imaginative, but true-to-life conversations with beautiful illustrations, photographs of artifacts and places mentioned, and wonderful maps. Read it!

Books I Like

Books I Like — November 2004

Children's classics and Christmas specials

This month, Jerry takes a look at four books: Pokey, Packey, and Sally, Eric B. Hare stories, three-volume set, Owney, the Post Office Dog,

and Christmas in my Heart, volume 13 Read it!

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