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Off the Record — December 2009

Let the water flow

I’ve often listened to amazing testimonies of men and women who have been through life and death situations and mused that my personal testimony is boring compared to theirs.

I’ve never run with a street gang carrying guns and knives. I’ve never been a drug dealer or played drums in a heavy metal band. In fact, my life has been fairly benign in the grand scheme of things. Read it!

Off the Record — November 2009

Time for worship!

Each evening after homework is finished, showers are taken and teeth are brushed, the call goes out from our master bedroom, “Time for worship!” Read it!

Off the Record — October 2009

For the Love of Mrs. James

Her name was Mrs. James. The first time I met her, I wasn’t sure I was going to like her. But you can’t always judge a cereal by its box.

You see, as a younger woman, she had been in a car accident. Her face had been damaged. There had been reconstructive surgeries—three to be exact. But her nose and face would never be the same. I was only eight years old, and at that age, it’s hard to see past the scars. Read it!

Off the Record — September 2009

Pathfindering is Evangelism

Some may wonder how a Pathfinder camporee fits into the “Year of Evangelism.”

At the first international camporee

I attended while in college—the 1989 Friendship Camporee in Pennsylvania—I was struck with the overwhelming feeling, Wow—my church really values young people. It values me. It was a life-changing experience that helped prepare me to serve God and the church I love so much. Read it!

Off the Record — August 2009

Exercise your right arm

We are blessed as a church to have such a longstanding connection with health and health care. The Adventist health message has often been called the “right arm of the message.” But for years, we somehow had the idea that having Adventist caregivers serving in Adventist hospitals was enough. We left health up to the professionals. Read it!

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