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September 25, 2017


Read this story: “Keeper of My Heart”

“Keeper of My Heart”

First ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat is a success

“There is only one word that describes this weekend: WOW!” said a pastor’s wife who attended the first-ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat in the Southwestern Union. Another pastor’s wife said, “This weekend has been such a spiritual feast, an encouragement and an island in the busy river of life. Thank you for your vision.” Read more...

Read this story: In their own words: Christian education

In their own words: Christian education

Ashley Gonzales, Sean Amos, and Thomas Moosey don’t claim to have chosen Christian education. What they do claim, however, is that the Christian education they’re receiving at Southwestern Adventist University is fulfilling, inspirational, challenging, and above all, led by God. Read more...

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