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July 2009

Forever changed by Forever Friends

Read this story: Forever changed by Forever Friends

Evangelism—by and for youth—is alive and well at the Little Rock church. Recently teens organized and conducted a Friends Forever evangelistic program aimed at ages 5-12. They were involved in the planning and advertising, led the singing, taught the memory verses, demonstrated and assisted with crafts, registered kids, and preached two evenings a week. Even nine-year-olds presented sermons with God’s help. Members, young and old, were forever changed by the series. Here’s what they had to say: Read more...

July 2009

Sharing their faith

Read this story: Sharing their faith

At the Jones Creek Adventist School in Baton Rouge, La., six students recently led out in a Truth 4 Youth evangelistic series held at the Baton Rouge church. While the adults attended an Amazing Facts seminar presented by Emanuel Baek, the students were involved in reaching youth through their own evangelistic program. Students from grades 5 through 7 planned the music, lessons, and crafts for the 6- to 12-year-olds, and led out in the program each evening. Each night about 15 children attended. Read more...

December 2008

Still learning about giving

Years ago as a little boy, I remember giving my brother half of my cheese sandwich. Sometime later, when he had something that I wanted, I reminded him of my great generosity (in little-boy language) and suggested that he might want to share with me. For some reason, my memory only recalls my personal magnanimous generosity. Some years later in academy, I remember sharing my algebra class notes with a good friend of mine. In all honesty, it wasn’t because I had a great concern about his grade in algebra, but rather, it was a means of staying on his good side so I could go to his house and swim in his pool. Read more...

December 2008

Helping in the wake of the hurricanes

ACS Disaster Response helps hard-hit areas following Hurricanes Ike and Gustav

(Lake Charles, La.) On September 1, 2008, Hurricane Gustav hit the southern coast of Louisiana at Cocodrie. More than 1.9 million people evacuated their homes (200,000 were residents of New Orleans). The state of Louisiana declared 34 parishes disaster areas and there were 43 related deaths. Two weeks later, on September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike sent tidal surges across the southern coastal communities of Louisiana that exceeded storm surges caused by Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Many areas that were flooded by Gustav were re-flooded; trees and power lines were down and many were without electricity for a week or longer. Many homes were damaged from winds and localized flooding, but some of the hardest hit areas were in Cameron Parish, where floodwaters spread over the entire parish—even into the city of Lake Charles. Nearly 25,000 homes were flooded and numerous houses were rendered uninhabitable. Read more...

December 2008

Outdoor celebration unites students and church members

(Ark.) Our church held a special outdoor celebration on October 4, 2008, in the Gentry church’s pavilion and park. Sabbath School started with a roundtable discussion about Jesus’ life, and what His life means to us in our lives today. Pastor Ray House led out. The children had their own tent, where they were led in worship by Lanette Bieber. At the close of Sabbath School, all the children’s divisions from Cradle Roll to Earliteen came to the adult pavilion to sing or have a small program. It felt like a special 13th Sabbath program! Dan Erskin preached a thought-filled sermon about what the Cross and Jesus’ death should mean to us. Read more...

December 2008

Juniors tour East coast

(Gentry, Ark.) One of the most eagerly anticipated events on the academic calendar of Ozark Adventist Academy is the ten-day American Heritage Tour that took place in mid-September this year. Twenty-two junior participants enriched their understanding of American history and literature while visiting such sites as Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, Antietam National Battlefield, Mark Twain’s house, Walden Pond, the Mayflower II, and Mystic Seaport. Read more...

December 2008

Church planting in Arkadelphia

(Ark.) After almost four years of earnest church planting by Ouachita Hills College and the Amity church in a city with no Adventist presence, we are beginning to see tangible fruit from our evangelistic outreach efforts. Since January of 2008, seven precious souls, native to Arkadelphia, have made their decision to be buried in the watery grave and arise to a new life in Christ Jesus. Bill Hollis, Vanessa Mallette, Sharon Blake, Jennifer Watson, Destiny Blake, and Flavio and Joann Vidal have all been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These seven joined Pat McGhee (baptized in May 2007) and three other new members to become the first fruits of our Arkadelphia harvest. Read more...

November 2008

Community impact changes lives

Read this story: Community impact changes lives

It was a special service recognizing volunteer teachers who had given faithful service to their communities. As an 81-year-old lady came onto the platform to read the Scripture selection, I immediately recognized her. She was not one of the teachers. Rather, she was one of the many students whose lives had been impacted by these teachers. I knew her only as Chupita, a spunky Nicaraguan lady who loved the Lord and wanted to use the special blessing that had become hers—learning to read and write—to touch the lives of others. Read more...

November 2008

The Puppeteer

Read this story: The Puppeteer

Pastor with “multiple personalities”

(La.) Do you think a pastor that has two churches in his district, potlucks, prayer meetings, board meetings, socials, and evangelism meetings to conduct has time for more? When it’s Pastor David Farmer, you bet he does! Pastor Dave always dreamed of being a ventriloquist and finally he made it happen. He has assembled several puppets and two ventriloquist figures that each seem to have minds of their own. Every Sabbath morning, one of the puppets—usually “Clyde,”—takes over the children’s story. Sometimes, Clyde tells embarrassing stories on Pastor Dave, but the children love him! Read more...

November 2008

Clowning around

Read this story: Clowning around

Clown ministry is not all fun and games!

The clown ministry class was full and the faces were eager. The teacher carefully explained the steps that we would go through to get our hospital certification. Each person in the group would have a different personality, a different name, and a different face. One of the men was a fireman—and he wanted to be able to use his clown person to teach fire safety, drug safety, and other things that young people need to know. Read more...

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