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May 2009

Sickle Cell Disease poster child meets the president

Read this story: Sickle Cell Disease poster child meets the president

Gabriel George is an extraordinary 10-year-old who was born with Sickle Cell Disease and has been a “crusader” for the disease since he was two years old. Sickle Cell Disease affects the red blood cells’ ability to get oxygen to the different parts of the body. This results in excruciating pain and can even lead to death. Read more...

December 2008

The blessings of giving

Giving is one of the highest privileges. In fact, in the words of Christ through the apostle Paul, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). What is Christ saying to us? Read more...

December 2008

2009: A year for health evangelism

(Tex.) In 2009, our church, along with many others across Texas and beyond, will focus on health evangelism. In light of the increasing health concerns among members and non-members alike, it is high time that core Adventist health principles be promoted and practiced. We have all been hearing about the increased incidence of diabetes and its direct connection to weight. For example, in Tarrant County, Texas, the local health department has reported that 75% of blacks, 62% of Hispanics, and 60% of whites are overweight. Presently, several Texas Conference churches are hosting Dr. Elvin Adams’ 10-week Best Weigh Program. In the Southwest Region, the Forest Hill church started its Best Weigh program, initially for members only, on October 18, 2008. In addition, many other members started on a 40-Day Total Health Makeover challenge following Dr. Errol Bryce’s New Steps guidelines. Read more...

December 2008

Homeless people invited to worship services

And health screening held for community

Community Service Day brought 15 homeless people to our church services recently. The Sabbath School program opened with a lively song service and closed with a drama illustrating the need to show compassion for the homeless, who are often overlooked and forgotten. Our special visitors were later invited to the front for prayer. Read more...

December 2008

Singles retreat focuses on living with purpose

(Lone Star Camp, Athens, Tex.) The sixteenth annual singles’ Labor Day Retreat began with coordinator Vera Ragland’s welcome and Brenda LaFleur Castille of Houston registering attendees and assigning them to their respective housing quarters on the backside of Lone Star Lake. The Friday night meal featured haystacks, a mainstay in Adventist circles, and a much-welcomed meal for hungry travelers. From there it was up the hill to the youth pavilion for the beginning of workshops, devotionals, fun activities, and opportunities for singles to interact with one another. Read more...

November 2008

CHIP meets the needs of the community

Read this story: CHIP meets the needs of the community

With its focus on health and lifestyle changes, the Mosier Valley church sent two of its members to a recent CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) training program to become certified to host CHIP projects in their local community. The newly-certified leaders, Geneva Combre and Willie Hardin, decided to hold their first program at the local church. Read more...

November 2008

Reaching out to those who are hurting

Read this story: Reaching out to those who are hurting

Members help Hurricane Ike victims

Following Hurricane Ike, members of our Adventist Community Services department went into the community to help those who were affected by floods in the Houston area. Residents of the “Community at the Garden” apartments were touched by the compassion of the disaster relief team led by Noel Chandler. Many came and expressed their joy. “God bless you,” they said again and again, “We are so glad you came to share with us.” Read more...

November 2008

Church honors Class of 2008

Read this story: Church honors Class of 2008

(Arlington, Tex.) Our church recently honored the graduating class of 2008. In a festivity themed, “Cultivating Young Minds... Harvesting Success,” the church paraded the graduating class of 2008 in full regalia, extolling the value of education. Read more...

November 2008

She wanted to give something back

Read this story: She wanted to give something back

(Baton Rouge, La.) More than 25 years ago, Tarsha Dixon White’s single mother, Doloras, embraced the counsel that her child “should be taught of the Lord.” She enrolled the toddler in Berean’s nursery and from there to the Berean Seventh-day Adventist School where Tarsha would remain until her eighth-grade graduation. Read more...

November 2008

Winning friends to Jesus

Read this story: Winning friends to Jesus

(Corsicana, Tex.) Thirty years of friendship and association with Pastor Stiggers and his family have led Darlene Robinson to accept the three angels’ messages. Having attended divine worship service on several occasions, she felt convicted that she needed to go all the way with the Lord. Believing that this was what God wanted her to do, Robinson accepted the call and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a public expression of her faith in Christ and for the truth. Young Samuel Jones also decided to commit his life to the Lord on that special Sabbath day, July 19, 2008. Read more...

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