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July 2009

Three baptisms plus two

Read this story: Three baptisms plus two

Sandia View Academy students share Jesus on mission trip

When the opportunity came to take a mission trip to Vera Cruz, Mexico, Sandia View Academy student Kaylen White, 16, decided to go, not necessarily to be a preacher, but just to be with her friends. But as the time to leave for Mexico approached, Kaylen began to think seriously about why she was going. “I wanted to do more, so I decided to be one of the preachers,” Kaylen says. “I was nervous because I had never preached before. Read more...

December 2008

Meetings bring youthful, fruitful harvest

Read this story: Meetings bring youthful, fruitful harvest

(N.Mex.) Our church concluded evangelistic meetings given by Amazing Facts speaker Eric Flickinger and Pastor Eric Redic with a total of 13 precious souls being added to the church. Pastor Redic also has been regularly baptizing new members as a result of Bible study work. Devon and Denzel are two brothers that had responded to an appeal the pastor gave a few months ago. They wanted to be baptized, so they started Bible studies. The boys were so excited, that they could hardly contain themselves. Denzel is the happy-go-lucky type, and Devon is very serious, but they both were excited to join their lives to Jesus. Pastor Redic also baptized three teenagers, Christopher Cruz, Michael Roybal, and Alexes Roybal. Read more...

December 2008

My better half

Read this story: My better half

On December 1st Rita and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. What a blessing it has been to be married to such a wonderful person for all these years. Our love affair has not diminished over the years but has grown in depth and character. We still like being together just as much as when we were dating. We’ve only been separated for one extended period of time when I did my combat tour in Vietnam in 1972. Even now when I travel she goes with me most of the time. When she does not go with me I am often asked, “Where is your better half?” Read more...

December 2008

Women’s retreat was a spiritual treat!

Read this story: Women’s retreat was a spiritual treat!

(Glorieta, N.Mex.) The Texico Women’s Retreat held in September at the LifeWay Glorieta Conference Center was a huge success, with a record-breaking attendance of approximately 500! The Micheff Sisters were the featured guest speakers for the English-speaking women. They were inspiring, fun, and they mingled and spent time with the ladies. They skipped many meals just to minister to those in need. What a heart for Jesus they have! Read more...

December 2008

Lay leaders trained for action

Read this story: Lay leaders trained for action

On the weekend of October 17-19, the conference held its annual Lay Leadership Retreat. The theme of the retreat was “Growing the church through the training of its members.” The meetings were well attended, with approximately 225 people registered for the weekend. Lay leaders from across our conference came to seminars in the following areas: elders, treasurers, clerks, stewardship, children’s ministries, prayer ministries, Pathfinders/Adventurers, and risk management. The guest speakers for the general sessions were Mack Rucker and Mike Wood from Adventist Health System. It was great to see some new members come and attend the sessions. Participants returned to their home churches excited to put into practice what they had learned and to get busy working for the Lord. Thank you to all the speakers and staff who made the weekend a blessing for all! Read more...

December 2008

Hiding God’s Word in their hearts

Read this story: Hiding God’s Word in their hearts

Students memorize Bible verses

(El Paso, Tex.) As we continue to make strides to increase our academic level here at El Paso Adventist Junior Academy, memorizing Bible verses has been a vital way to help our students to retain and understand information. Furthermore, we believe that memorizing scripture is the key to helping children understand God’s Word and also hide it in their hearts. Teaching children to memorize scripture gives them the ability to stand firm in what they believe and equips them to recall what the Bible says in any situation they are confronted with. In order to make learning scripture fun and not mundane, the students have been given a second challenge to illustrate every single verse. This will help them contemplate what each scripture means. Read more...

December 2008

New members share their stories

Read this story: New members share their stories

(Las Cruces, N.Mex.) Our church experienced a great blessing at the conclusion of the evangelistic meetings conducted by Amazing Facts evangelist Jason Morgan. Pastor Chuck Workman baptized a total of 32 people who took their stand for the Lord and also added six to the membership by profession of faith. There are still four or five people who are taking Bible studies as a result. Prior to the baptism on the last Sabbath, Pastor Workman performed a wedding, then baptized both the husband and the wife. Here are some stories from people who attended the meetings: Read more...

November 2008

Just waiting or hastening?

Read this story: Just waiting or hastening?

The apostle Peter wrote, “You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming” (2 Peter 3:11, 12, NIV). This Scripture seems to indicate that it is possible for us to hasten or speed up the coming of Jesus. Read more...

November 2008

A royal adventure

Read this story: A royal adventure

Alamogordo, N.Mex., Vacation Bible School

(N.Mex.) After a few months of preparation, the first day for our VBS, July 14, finally arrived. The fellowship hall was decorated as a throne room, surrounded by a medieval fair and a bright banquet hall. Everything was ready for the princes and princesses that were about to arrive and join in for the Castles and Crowns adventure. Read more...

November 2008

Men’s Ministries impacting lives

Read this story: Men’s Ministries impacting lives

The first annual Men’s Ministries Retreat was held in June 2008, in Corrales, N.Mex. Eighty men from local churches and various areas of the conference came together for three days of fellowship and wor­ship. The event, led by Pastor Hector Quinones, Texico Men’s Ministries coordi­nator, featured guest speakers Min­ner Labrador, Men’s Ministries leader of the North American Di­vision, and Ray Car­dona, elder and Men’s Ministries director of the North Valley church. The theme “Guardians of the Gate,” centered on man’s per­sonal connection with Christ the Sav­ior. Breakout sessions presented faith-based fundamentals concerning family and church. A Saturday evening of humor and laughter from comedian Thor Ramsey “brought the house down.” Read more...

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