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July 2009

Learning to Serve

Read this story: Learning to Serve

CTA students help at Texas coast after hurricane disaster

While the rest of the nation sat glued to the television viewing devastation in the wake of Hurricane Ike last September, 28 seniors along with five faculty from Chisholm Trail Academy were mobilizing to head to the Texas coastline. Read more...

July 2009

Little acts of service mean a lot

Read this story: Little acts of service mean a lot

Christian education isn’t confined to the school walls at Dallas Christian Academy. At local malls and at a nearby high school, DCA students are visibly touching the lives of others in their community. One day the nearby public high school students were surprised to hear Christian music playing in the parking lot. Then, in a gesture of friendship, DCA students shared popsicles and chatted with their new acquaintances. Read more...

January 2009

Joshua Kids preach Truth 4 Youth

If you think evangelism is just for adults, think again! A group of kids from the Joshua church in Joshua, Tex., recently presented an evangelistic series, Truth 4 Youth, conducted entirely by and for kids from September 6 through October 4, 2008. More than 170 children attended the meetings in which 14 youth, ages 8 to 15, were the speakers. Average nightly attendance was 60-100 children, who enjoyed a program of PowerPoint presentations, songs, crafts, a nature nugget, health talks, special music, and story time by Pastor Stauffer. The youth are excited and are now preparing to present the Truth 4 Youth series during ShareHim meetings to be held in the Philippines later this year. Approximately 10 families are planning to participate. If you feel impressed to donate funds toward this exciting evangelistic endeavor, please contact Duane or Kathy McKey at the Southwestern Union office at 817-295-0476. Read more...

December 2008

Spend more!

Read this story: Spend more!

Your church is not spending enough money! How can I make such a bold and callous statement? Perhaps you’re thinking that, if anything, we need to figure out how we can conserve and cut back. Increase our spending—especially in this economy? Yes. Read more...

December 2008

Bouncing our way back

Read this story: Bouncing our way back

Despite challenges church social goes on

(Tex.) What do you do when you make plans and then, some major catastrophe changes things? Some would get discouraged, but the Burleson church bounced back—literally! A Labor Day church social was planned and two bounce houses were rented for the day, but then came Hurricane Gustav and many people evacuated to North Texas. Our church is located beside I-35 on the service road, which prompted the Red Cross to ask to use our facility as a local headquarters and a welcome stop for evacuees. The social was located at the church at the same place and time. Read more...

December 2008

Spanish church plant is growing!

Read this story: Spanish church plant is growing!

(Tex.) A small church plant in the town of Vernon, 50 miles west of Wichita Falls, was assigned to church planter Victor Jaeger of Dallas. “I wondered why I had been assigned a church plant that was three and a half hours away from my home. Had I done something wrong?” He soon discovered, however, that God was sending him to that little town. Read more...

December 2008


Read this story: Celebrate!

New Academy opens in North Dallas area

(Richardson, Tex.) “For everything there is a season...” and it’s time to celebrate! After 40 years of longing for an academy in the North Dallas area, on Sunday, August 10, 2008 the Richardson church opened the doors for the inaugural ribbon-cutting ceremony of the North Dallas Adventist Academy. This new school is a 7-12 upper-grade campus on 10 acres—part of a two-campus school system situated just minutes apart in the Dallas Metroplex. Read more...

December 2008

Fort Worth First conducted month-long prophecy seminar!

Read this story: Fort Worth First conducted month-long prophecy seminar!

(Fort Worth, Tex.) More than 300 attended nightly during the first weeks of the exceptional prophecy seminar that was recently conducted at the Fort Worth First church by Evangelist Lynwood Spangler. An astonishing 75 percent of those who attended were non-Adventist. This may be in part because preparation for the seminar included a five-hour prayer vigil and several weeks of daily prayers offered by numerous pairs of church prayer partners. To God be the glory for these wonderful statistics! Read more...

December 2008

Amazing Adventure reaches kids around the world

Read this story: Amazing Adventure reaches kids around the world

(Tex.) Amazing Facts and 3ABN recently joined forces in the first-ever evangelism series to reach out to children ages 8-12. The Amazing Adventures series took place in the sanctuary of the Richardson church. Nothing has ever been done before on this scale for such a young audience. It has also been noted as the most successful satellite series to date, broadcasting live to more than 2,724 registered downlink sites in 89 countries around the world. The program was aired on the Hope Channel and 3ABN from September 12th-20th each night at 7 p.m. Go to to watch the recordings. Read more...

December 2008

VBS kids graduate

Read this story: VBS kids graduate

(Tex.) On July 21, 2008 our church held a Vacation Bible School graduation. Thanks to the cooperation of Women’s Ministry leader Barbara Bagle, along with head elder Richard Hutson, the VBS was a success. The children had lots of fun and it was definitely worth the time and effort! Read more...

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