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June 2009

Southwestern keeps Christian education affordable

Read this story: Southwestern keeps Christian education affordable

In the current economic climate, families with college-bound students are keeping finances at the forefront. Southwestern Adventist University is committed to offering excellent Christian education at an affordable price. Read more...

June 2009

Mission fields are wherever God plants you

Read this story: Mission fields are wherever God plants you

Art Chadwick has always had a penchant for missions. When he was in high school, he talked to his guidance counselor, telling her he wanted to be a preacher in the mission field. “The mission field doesn’t need preachers; it needs physicians,” she told him. Read more...

June 2009

In their own words: Christian education

Read this story: In their own words: Christian education

Ashley Gonzales, Sean Amos, and Thomas Moosey don’t claim to have chosen Christian education. What they do claim, however, is that the Christian education they’re receiving at Southwestern Adventist University is fulfilling, inspirational, challenging, and above all, led by God. Read more...

June 2009

“You gave me hope!”

Read this story: “You gave me hope!”

It was a typical academy visit—informing seniors of the type of aid that was available to them. However, one student was particularly anxious for us to meet with her parents because she was so interested in coming to SWAU. Read more...

June 2009

You can afford a Christian college

Read this story: You can afford a Christian college

This space is usually filled with words. But some things are so important that a few simple numbers are essential. Read more...

December 2008

Students clean up after Hurricane Ike

Read this story: Students clean up after Hurricane Ike

Only one week after Hurricane Ike made landfall on the Texas coast, 23 students from Southwestern Adventist University were able to deliver much-needed food, help, and hope to the affected residents of Bridge City, Tex. Hurricane Ike landed in September as a Category 2 storm, and in its wake, left Bridge City with damaged homes and businesses, and spirits. Read more...

December 2008

The Write Spot helps students improve writing

Read this story: The Write Spot helps students improve writing

Students who need help with writing—whether for classes or for publication—can find it at The Write Spot, the new writing center at Southwestern Adventist University. Read more...

October 2008

SWAU to present “Lamb of God” concert

Read this story: SWAU to present “Lamb of God” concert

Southwestern Singers present traditional “Lamb of God” concert

For the third year in a row, Southwestern Adventist University’s Mizpah Choraliers will start the Christmas season with a performance of Michael W. Card’s “Agnus Dei.” The university’s main choir will perform this composition in honor of the “Lamb of God” on Friday night, December 5, in the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church. Read more...

October 2008

Convocation inspires students

Read this story: Convocation inspires students

Dressed in colorful academic regalia, the faculty of Southwestern Adventist University marched into the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church for the annual Convocation ceremony on Thursday, September 4. Horns blew and cymbals crashed to mark the beginning of the processional, and a new academic year. Read more...

September 2008

Creation-evolution debate themes

Read this story: Creation-evolution debate themes

2008-09 Saxon Series opener

Southwestern Adventist University’s Saxon Lecture Series for the 2008-09 season kicks off Saturday, November 15 featuring a speaker with both local and national recognition. Read more...

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