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March 2009

“Keeper of My Heart”

First ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat is a success

Ginny Allen challenged pastors’ wives from the Southwestern Union to recommit their lives in service to the “Keeper of their hearts.”

Ginny Allen challenged pastors’ wives from the Southwestern Union to recommit their lives in service to the “Keeper of their hearts.”

“There is only one word that describes this weekend: WOW!” said a pastor’s wife who attended the first-ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat in the Southwestern Union. Another pastor’s wife said, “This weekend has been such a spiritual feast, an encouragement and an island in the busy river of life. Thank you for your vision.”

Many of our pastors’ wives have to multi-task, as many of them are professionals in their own right. They are also homemakers and mothers and at the same time, they support their minister husbands as they give Bible studies, lead out in Sabbath activities, and invite people to their homes.

The theme for this special weekend was “Keeper of My Heart,” referring to Jesus as the Keeper of our hearts. Probably the most significant thing that happened was what pastors’ wives said to me over and over again, “You can just sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

Ginny Allen from the Northwest shared with us how each one of us is a “Daddy’s Girl,” meaning we are all daughters of our heavenly father. One experienced pastor’s wife said that she lost her father when she was a little girl and always felt that her family was incomplete until this weekend. She discovered that she truly has a “Daddy” in heaven in God the Father.

Another highlight was when the pastors’ wives recommitted their lives to service as Sharon Cress, General Conference Shepherdess director, challenged them in a special dedication service.

The weekend was filled with wonderful music and exciting seminars on such topics as Bible study with Marti Schneider, wife of Don Schneider, North American Division president, evangelistic preaching, parenting, finances, dress, and prayer. Saturday night was a fun time as Texico Conference pastors’ wives led out in fun stuff like hand massage.

On Sabbath morning pastors’ wives were excited as Teresa Shelton from the Oklahoma Conference shared how she preached a homeland campaign and a new church plant was born. Charlene Whatley from the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference, and Betty Trevino, our union president’s wife, and Cheryl Retzer, the Southern Union Conference president’s wife, told how they preached their first evangelistic meetings overseas, where many were baptized. Betty and Cheryl made an appeal, and many of the pastors’ wives made a commitment to preach evangelistic meetings themselves.

The prayer of our Southwestern Union pastors’ wives is that all of the women in their churches will discover Jesus as the Keeper of their hearts.

Kathy McKey, Southwestern Union Shepherdess director

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