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The Year of Evangelism

The Year of Evangelism — Cover story

What an amazing year this has been for evangelism in the Southwestern Union. The union office has been directly involved in organizing and conducting 111 meetings, both at home and abroad, resulting in more than 3,200 baptisms. Some of our speakers were experienced preachers. Some did not know if they could or think they should preach, but what life-changing experiences took place!

There was the young Southwestern Adventist University student who shared, “I will never be the same.” And the SWUC Executive Committee member who was terrified before preaching, but who excitedly proclaimed after the event, “This has been the best experience of my life!” Read it!

Max A. Trevino

The Gift of Evangelism — Editorial

As the Year of Evangelism draws to a close, we have many blessings to count. The Southwestern Union has experienced more growth this year than in any other single year ever. Almost every congregation in our union has been involved in evangelistic efforts, and the reports of baptisms are still pouring in. What a wondrous gift.

But this is not the end. It’s just the beginning. Evangelism is not a one-time event but a way of life. It’s an ongoing process of sharing and growing—and then sharing some more.

When you receive salvation, it’s a gift you can’t keep to yourself. You have to share it with others. Read it!

And the gift goes on...

And the gift goes on... — Feature

Examples of sharing the gift

A word from the editors: The stories that follow are just a few examples of how church members from around the Southwestern Union have been willing to share their gifts. Our prayer is that you will be blessed as you read these stories, and that you will also feel a sense of personal conviction to share the gift that keeps on giving.

Stories include Bonnie Shepperd: Sharing and Sharing Again; Melinda Prater: God Gave Me the Words to Share; Karen and Brandon Van Meter: A Welder Forms an Everlasting Bond; and John Mathews: Turning a Motorcycle Into a Church. Read it!

A “Year of Evangelism” for ASI

A “Year of Evangelism” for ASI — Feature

The year 2009 has been busy with evangelism activities in ASI’s Southwest chapter. Starting off with an evangelism boot camp in south Texas in February, and the chapter meeting later that month in Cleburne, Tex., the momentum continued throughout the year as the Southwest chapter helped to provide laypersons with witnessing opportunities and training, as well as opportunities to unite with pastors and administrators in the work of evangelism. The boot camp in south Texas was followed by evangelistic meetings held in March. In April, Floyd Courtney, the Southwestern Union ASI chapter president, and Duane McKey, vice president for evangelism at the Southwestern Union, along with his wife Kathy, held an evangelism boot camp in Oklahoma City. Another evangelism boot camp combining ShareHim and the New Beginnings training took place in Houston the weekend of November 14 in preparation for evangelistic meetings to be held in the Houston area. And later this month, from December 27 to January 4, chapter members and friends will participate in a mission trip to Nicaragua to help rebuild deteriorating mission buildings on the east coast, as well as conduct a child evangelism series. Read it!

December 11, 2017


Read this story: In their own words: Christian education

In their own words: Christian education

Ashley Gonzales, Sean Amos, and Thomas Moosey don’t claim to have chosen Christian education. What they do claim, however, is that the Christian education they’re receiving at Southwestern Adventist University is fulfilling, inspirational, challenging, and above all, led by God. Read more...

Read this story: “Keeper of My Heart”

“Keeper of My Heart”

First ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat is a success

“There is only one word that describes this weekend: WOW!” said a pastor’s wife who attended the first-ever union-wide pastors’ wives retreat in the Southwestern Union. Another pastor’s wife said, “This weekend has been such a spiritual feast, an encouragement and an island in the busy river of life. Thank you for your vision.” Read more...

Read this story: Mission fields are wherever God plants you

Mission fields are wherever God plants you

Art Chadwick has always had a penchant for missions. When he was in high school, he talked to his guidance counselor, telling her he wanted to be a preacher in the mission field. “The mission field doesn’t need preachers; it needs physicians,” she told him. Read more...

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